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Hop-On HOP1803 shamelessly apes Nokia XpressMusic 5310

Chris Ziegler

So Hop-On apparently got tired of showing rendered vaporware after rendered vaporware and finally came to the table with some real products, but there's a little problem: one of them, the HOP1803, is a dead ringer for Nokia's XpressMusic 5310. We figure Hop-On probably just went to their friendly local manufacturer in Shenzen and ordered a handful of products to start distributing, which is totally cool, but they either failed to turn on their blatant ripoff radar while they were shopping around or simply didn't care. If it's any consolation, Nokia, the 5310's specs totally smack around the HOP1803's, though we're guessing the "X-Press Music" branding on the side of the doppelganger might still attract some legal wrath -- especially since Hop-On allegedly plans to try hawking this thing in the States.

[Via Slashphone]

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