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O2 offers free iPhone 3G with some plans

Scott McNulty

It looks like our friends across the pond (as pretentious bloggers say) are getting a pretty good deal on the iPhone 3G. O2 released their iPhone 3G service information last night, and here are some highlights:
  • For a monthly service fee, or tariff, of £45 you get a free 8 gig iPhone, or the 16 gig version for £59.
  • For £75 a month you get either an 8 gig or 16 gig iPhone 3G for free (I'd go with the 16 gig model myself).
  • For a monthly fee of £30 or £35 the 8 gig iPhone 3G will cost you £99 while the 16 gig will go for £159.
Interestingly, the iPhone 3G will be offered on O2's Pay & Go plans, unlike the very similar service from AT&T which the iPhone 3G does not qualify for, at least here in the States. Additionally, UK iPhone buyers will be able to purchase their iPhones online, while we in the States will have to go to our local Apple or AT&T stores.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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