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What first generation iPhone owners can expect

Cory Bohon

You may have heard that Apple released a minor update to their line of iPhones yesterday. No big deal, you weren't going to ditch your first generation iPhone and run for the 3G hill, were you? Oh, so you are going to upgrade? Oh well, this post might not be for you then. However, for those of you looking to keep your "old" iPhone, here is what you can expect in the coming months.

Apple will be providing a free upgrade for all existing first generation iPhone owners. You will be upgraded to the exact same firmware that makes the 3G iPhone tick. Apple has posted a web page that details exactly what you can expect from the new 2.0 firmware.

Some of the main features we're looking forward to include:

  • AppStore
  • Full Exchange support
  • MobileMe
  • Mass e-mail move, delete and save images
  • Contacts search
  • Additional language support
  • Full iWork and Microsoft Office viewer support
  • Scientific Calculator
This update is free for all iPhone owners and will be a $9.99 upgrade for iPod touch owners.


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