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Age of Conan's quest for fresh duds


When your character isn't sporting a shawl stitched together from the hides of his enemies, he probably laments that he hasn't a thing to wear to the local tavern. And it's always embarrassing when you show up wearing the same loincloth-and-bracers outfit that someone else does. What's the fashion-forward barbarian to do?

Enter French clothing company Inno-Wear, who create duds based on game properties such as Trackmania Nations and Devil May Cry 4. Their latest rights acquisition is, naturally, Age of Conan. It's not known at this time whether that means you'll get to wear the same things your character wears, or simply street gear branded with various AoC logos. We could make a case either way, and both would probably find a home at your nearest Hot Topic.

[Via Big Download]

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