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CoroCoro reveals more on upcoming Pokemon Platinum


The latest issue of CoroCoro Comics has some more information to lay down on the foundation already built by the mag. Aside from knowing that the game exists, as well as its Japanese release date, there's just not much we have to go on. Until now, that is.

Some scans of the latest issue (via The Tanooki) have released online, giving us a clearer picture of what's going down in this latest title. For one, the title will star two completely new trainers, as well as re-clothe Lucas and Dawn. There will also be a new area of the map unlocked, which is being labeled as "Torn World" right now.

Also of note, a certain Pokémon movie monster available to folks in Japan will be transferable to Platinum, also allowing you to capture Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in-game. To check out the rest of the scans, head on over.

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