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RIZ-ZOAWD confuses all, until they figure it out

Phil Larsen

Media Vision (best known for the RPG series Wild Arms) are hard at work creating a new RPG for the DS, at this stage titled RIZ-ZOAWD. Yeah, what? It's a perfectly cromulent title.

The awesome name is expected to be changed in localization (assuming North America doesn't miss out), but for now you can check out the Famitsu scan showing off a few gameplay screens. A friendly-looking scarecrow can be seen, along wth a girl wearing a blue dress and red slippers ... hmmm, this sounds strangely familiar. If you have strange recollections from The Wizard of Oz, you're not alone. The more Hawking-like readers will also notice that RIZ-ZOAWD is an anagram for WIZARD-OZ.

RIZ-ZOAWD will be controlled entirely with the stylus using a track ball (that is, moving a ball to move a character). The game will be released come winter in Japan, but all that cold weather can't be good for Dorothy's complexion.

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