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Rumor: MTV ad 'leaks' new Rock Band tracks


Has MTV let the tracks out of the bag? An eagle-eyed poster at the Bemanistyle forums captured some stills from a commercial airing on the network promoting today's newly released MTV2 track pack. What's interesting: whoever made the video used in the ad seems to have forgotten to omit bits that show four new, as-of-yet-unreleased tracks for Rock Band.

We haven't seen the ads ourselves, but the grabs look legit. If they are, here's what Rock Band groupies have to look forward to at some point in the (probably) not-to-distant-future:

• "Aesthetics of Hate" by Machine Head
• "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold
• "Breed" by Nirvana
• "Burn" by Nine Inch Nails

[Thanks, Jon D!]

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