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We didn't Order Up! this stale video

Candace Savino

We really want to be charmed by Order Up!, but this gameplay video was more sleep inducing than a lecture on the merits of drying paint. We just can't help but feel a bit of a "been there, done that" vibe when it comes to this upcoming SuperVillain Studios title.

The promise of restaurant management elements seem like the game's one saving grace, as it sets Order Up! apart from the Cooking Mamas and Diner Dashes of the world. We would have much rather preferred to see a gameplay video of how the sim stuff works. However, since the game did show some initial promise, we'll approach it with an open mind when it releases in late July.

On a related note, Amazon and other retailers list a $39.99 price point for Order Up! Do you think that's still too high for the title, or does $40 hit your virtual restaurant-loving sweet spot?

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