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Wilkerson Furniture tests the waters with its m21 plasma console

Steven Kim

If your idea of hipster style leans in a decidedly retro direction, feast your eyes on Wilkerson Furniture's m21 flat panel console. Yeah, that's right -- console. This little beast is a true smashup of old and new tech. The something old is the walnut cabinet and integrated center channel speaker grill finished off with a Fender amp screen. The something new the 42-inch plasma display; and yes, it is a color display. With its squarish proportions, it kind of reminds us of a wooden Beovision 9, to be honest. The m21 is a test balloon that was floated by Wilkerson at the Dwell on Design conference -- if it's a hit with the crowds, they may bring this model to production. Better yet, a lower, wider model with component-hiding doors could appear as well. Sadly, there's no word on pricing or a model with a top-mounted Garrard turntable.

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