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X3F LIVE: Bomberman Live & Team Fortress 2

We had so much fun playing Gears of War and Uno on Monday that we decided we're not going to wait another six months before our next X3F LIVE event. On Monday, June 16, we're handpicking two other titles from last week's poll and choo-choo-choosing it for another round of X3F LIVE madness.

Prepare yourself for another onslaught of gaming with the team at X3F (if you so choose) where we'll partake in a little Bomberman Live from 9:30 - 10:30PM EST and then retire to Team Fortress 2 from 10:30 - 11:30PM EST.

More details to come on Monday, but as usual add X3FLIVE to your friends list and use the Friends of Friends feature to track down Richard (SenseiRam), Dustin (SuperDunners), Alexander (Sli Xander) and/or Xav (Snypz). Someone really needs to get Terrence some new, Xbox Live compatible internets!

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