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AoC grinds out the fixes

Adrian Bott

By Mitra, is it Thursday already? That should mean a new patch for Age of Conan - and true to their word, FunCom are keeping up the relentless assault on AoC's bugs. Mounts come in for some more attention, Necromancers get a round of buffs, a host of quests are fixed or revamped, some of the sluggish female animations are addressed, and in short, we're impressed. AoC has had its teething troubles, but nobody can say FunCom aren't putting in the hours to get them sorted out.

Also true to emerging tradition, the players are compiling their own set of unofficial patch notes, one in the EU and one in the US, collating everything they've found that wasn't documented. Good news for all players: it looks like the promised alteration of outdoor bosses' loot tables has made it in, along with an overall increase in blue loot drops. The not so good news is an apparent nerf to the Bear Shaman's Untamed Regeneration feat. According to the unofficial player-created patch notes, 'The stamina, mana and health regeneration on the ability "Untamed Regeneration" has been reduced by approximately 40%. Additional damage received has been increased from 10% to 15%.' Nerf or bug? We're waiting to find out.

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