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    Joe Kane-designed Samsung SP-A800B DLP projector gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Look, there's no way you're expecting anything less than perfection from this projector, and sure enough, that's (almost) exactly what it delivers. The Joe Kane-designed Samsung SP-A800B has finally been reviewed by the lucky, lucky cats over at CNET, and simply put, it dethroned the Sony VPL-VW200 as its top-of-the-line Editors' Choice. In a nutshell, this bad boy "outperformed every projector in its class hands-down, and competed favorably with the three-chip DLP units that cost three times as much." For just shy of ten large, you too can own the rig that these folks deemed "spectacular." Really, we couldn't make this cornucopia of compliments up, so trek on down to the read link for more proof of the A800B's awesomeness.

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