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Motorola intros H560 and H620 Bluetooth headsets

Chris Ziegler

Moto's rolled out a pair of new Bluetooth headsets for delivery in the third quarter, one ho-hum and one with a fairly unique distinction. Starting off with the boring stuff, the H560 (pictured left) features a three-color light to indicate battery level, echo cancelation, noise reduction, automatic volume adjustment based on ambient noise, and a selection of earpieces. Here's where it gets a little more interesting, though: Motorola is calling out its H620 as its first headset optimized for in-car use. None of the features of the headset itself seem specific to the model -- it just features the same auto volume adjustment and noise reduction as the H560 -- but it includes a dashboard headset holder and rapid car charger, which is kinda cool if a dedicated car kit isn't your cup of tea. Personally, though, we're still holding out for that bone conduction set we've been promised.

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