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Addon Spotlight: AuditorFu

Sean Forsgren

It's Friday, which means that it's payday for some of you. With that in mind, why don't we take a look at an addon that helps you stay on top of your virtual finances. For those of us who are not only information junkies, but also control freaks, this addon is a great way to maintain sovereignty over how your gold comes and goes.

AuditorFu, contrary to what the name implies, will function with or without the Fubar addon. However, I find it best suited as a center-aligned, top-bar, Fubar mod, as it allows me to see the important stuff at center stage. (Alongside AuldLangSyne) There's nothing worse than having an inflated view of your gold total and quickly realizing the mats for your Red Belt of Battle are out of reach.

The good news is that this addon can help you be more diligent if you're saving for a crafted epic or your Artisan Riding skill. Every copper counts, my friends.

As usual, I'm going to let the author's own description do the talking:

"Auditor is a nifty addon that tracks your incoming and outgoing money from a variety of sources, and provides an easy to use FuBar interface to choose whose data you would like to look at, and for what time period. It is, essentially, MoneyFu for those who have obsessive information disorder. Like me. Yes, I *must* know how much I spent on training last week. Why? I dunno. But I must."

There are a few different ways to look at your gold. AuditorFu provides totals by realm and by character. You can view a "Session Audit", a "Today's Audit", a "Seven Day Audit" and a Grand Total. It also breaks your cash flow down into categories, which allow you to know how your gold is being made or spent. Here's a list of the categories, per the developer:

  • Loot money: Whether you are solo, in a party or in a raid.
  • Vendor money: Stuff you buy from or sell to vendors.
  • Quest money: Money you gain from quests, and money you spend on quests (e.g. the Scholomance Key quest).
  • Trade money: Doing enchants or transmutes? Yep, it catches money exchanged in trade.
  • Mail money: Sending money to/from your alts or friends? Tracked.
  • AH money: At last, both outgoing AND incoming Auction House money is tracked.
  • Training money: How much did you spend on training and respecs? Do you care? Well, you'll know anyway.
  • Flight money: Spent a day flying about Azeroth? See how much you should claim back on your tax expenses.
  • Repairs money: See how much money you really spent on repairing your kit after those instances.
  • Unknown money: Money gained/lost, but for whatever reason, Auditor can't work out where it's from. Better than nothing, anyway.
  • Reconciliation money: That's money for when you just installed Auditor, and it has to account for the cash you have right now, or for when you crashed, or were logged on at a friend's house. It's all good.
  • Guild Bank money: Money you deposit or withdraw from your Guild Bank. Exciting, I know.
I wanted to point out the "Reconciliation" category, which is great if you happen to play on two machines (desktop and laptop!?) If nothing else, AuditorFu recognizes the changes to your financials and does its best to keep track of this sort of change.

It also has features that allow for auto-repairing and auto-selling gray items. (I used to use addons to do these tasks separately) This includes the ability to repair out of guild funds, if you have access to guild funds. AuditorFu also allows you to change the time it resets stored data, to compensate for those of us who play past midnight and consider the day to change when we sleep. It will notify you of changes to your gold totals in certain situations. Honestly, you just have to try this one out to see the overload of information. With that in mind, if you really want specifics, turn on the "Absurd Details" in the options menu.

Finally, you can filter data for specific characters, as well as purge them from the addon altogether. I suppose this comes in handy if you delete characters often and/or change mules periodically.

Check this out if you're trying to save gold or just want to know how you're earning and spending, it may identify some bad habits or clue you into where you're gaining the most. Dismissed.

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