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Capcom dates Clock Tower, Onimusha movies

Jason Dobson

This past Tuesday marked Capcom's 25th anniversary -- my how the time flies. However, instead of celebrating by taking body shots off of Kristin Kreuk, the company commemorated the milestone by attaching dates to upcoming film versions of two of its existing franchises.

According to a post on Capcom's US blog, the adaptation of popular action-adventure series Onimusha is expected make its theatrical debut in 2011, with Silent Hill's Christophe Gans still attached to direct. Capcom also anticipates Clock Tower to take a giant pair of scissors to the big screen as early as next year, this one being helmed by The Hills Have Eyes II's Martin Weisz. Now join us won't you as we hold hands and blow out the candles on Capcom's birthday cake. And don't forget to make a wish for at least one of these to not be box office poison.

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