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Capcom's Magic 8-Ball for ports? eBay

Jason Dobson

When banking on nostalgia, how does a company decide what games to pull from the vault? If you're Capcom, one way is to scout eBay to see for what games fans are willing to fork over mad cash to add to their collections. Capcom's John Diamonon tells MTV Multiplayer: "Sometimes we see games on eBay, and that's how you see what games people are willing to spend $80 on."

Of course, this isn't the only tool Capcom uses, else we'd all be playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD Remix (drool). "It's certainly not the only thing we do," he added. "But sometimes we look there to assess the market value of a game." It's encouraging to see Capcom keeping its fingers on the pulse of the community, giving us hope that maybe someday Cannon Spike will get some love as well.

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