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Community Content: 241 Edition

Each week, X3F showcases the best in Halo 3 downloads with Community Content. To find out how to set up your account, click here. Submit your own ideas at: comcon [AT] xbox360fanboy [DOT] com

This week for Community Content we're doing something a little different. On top of our regular community contributed content for Halo 3, we're browsing through the most popular Bungie.Net downloads as a second recommendation.

Yes, Community Content has doubled in size! We're giving away double the dose of content. Two maps for the price of one. Well, considering they're free--for the price of zero. So, jump in this week for our community submitted content and for our own Bungie.Net recommendation!

Also, make all checks of $0.00 payable to X3F Towers ... kthxbai.

Robot Warz
Creator: Bigturns00

Map: Avalanche (Requires Legendary Map Pack)
Gametype: Slayer (Special Variant)

Notes: Rockets x7 and Gavity Hammer xN (default weapon)

Download Content: Robot Warz Map | Robot Warz Gametype

Content Description (from the creator)
The game starts in the depths of the caves of Avalanche. The battle is waged by hammer and hammer alone. Until which time a platform appears leading those trapped in the confines of the arena out unto the open space. Rockets abound here in the shadow of giants. Making your way to the top of one of the two giant robots frozen in battle is advisable. There are real and unrealized benefits to holding such a vantage.

Why We Picked It
Battling it out of a depths of the cold hell on Avalanche is one thing, but having to survive an onslaught on the surface is another. Robot Warz adds an environmental effect that most map makers ignore, due to Bungie ignoring it as well. Also, it kind of reminds us of Shadow of the Colossus in a weird way.

Gallery: Community Content: 241 Edition - Robot Warz | 6 Photos

Creator: alec944

Map: Foundry (Requires Heroic Map Pack)
Gametype: Capture the Flag

Download Content: Storm Map

Content Description (from the creator)
This is a remake of the beginning of the campaign level the storm. It has balanced weapons and works with slayer and capture the flag. There is a working gate that opens when you get the powerup.

Why We Picked It
Remaking a campaign map is no small feat but alec944 has done just that. Added to the Bungie Favorite list for his work on Storm, the map has blown up and is quickly becoming a favorite among forum members on

Gallery: Community Content: 241 Edition - Storm | 4 Photos

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