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David Jaffe: *bleep* the games, it's all about cool names


We heart you, Dave, and it's not just because you created God of War. No, it's due to your unwavering frankness when it comes to the sheer silliness of the games industry. Case in point: game names. For those of you listening in on this virtual cheek pinch, we're talking about Jaffe's latest blog post about how sometimes it's not the quality of the game, but the cleverness of its name which determines if it'll sell.

Jaffe breaks it down for us, then divulges some names that might have been slapped on a couple of his games in an alternate universe. Twisted Metal? Try Cars and Rockets. Oh, and God of War was at one time Dark Odyssey. Hit his own little slice of the net for more genuine Jaffe, sure to make you all ... laughy.

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