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Jae Hwan Kim on Exteel

Matt Warner

Exteel is already six months into launch, and it stays kind of quiet not often talked about in MMOG circles. If you haven't heard about this one it's a free-to-play MMOG where players can take up giant robots and smash each other into bits like retro-rats. Several Massively readers even gave it the thumbs up in our launch post. As for recent news we covered the Trooper recently, and the new Last Stand battle mode that interjects a PvE element into the game. The latest information comes from Jae Hwan Kim, Exteel US Producer, in this interview with WarCry.

A genuine concern exists regarding Exteel's well being and sustainability because the game is an Eastern esque MMOG supported by micro transactions. There is a lot more room for failure in the Western market for this type of MMOG. According to Kim, Exteel is doing great and broke a concurrency record last week which is always good news for any MMOG. Also in the interview Kim talks about a few new features coming soon such as the new Clan battle mode, NCcoin versus in-game credits, along with his quick thoughts on game balance. Be sure to check out the official Exteel website where you can download the relatively small client.

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