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Krell unleashes its Evolution 707 preamp/processor

Steven Kim

The Krell name has always been synonymous with glorious overdesign, and its new Evolution 707 preamp/processor won't spoil that rep. Inputs (including four HDMI 1.3) are routed through to 12 outputs, each with single-ended and balanced taps. Sounds like a lot, but once you factor in the two center channel and four subwoofer outputs, it somehow doesn't sound as extreme as 8.4-channels might otherwise. Naturally, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA are supported, and there's a processing bypass mode for those who want to do the "straight wire with gain" thing. Video specs aren't skimpy, either -- a maximum color depth of 48 bits, 340 MHz bandwidth, and upconverting to 1080p are all onboard. The linked post indicates the unit is nearly 10-feet tall. Sounds like a typo to us, but this is Krell we're dealing with! Tipping the scales at 50-pounds, you'll pay $600 per pound to take this beast home.

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