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Pure Electric Vehicles building a $10k electric car... hopefully


Look, this looks great and all, and the $10k price makes it even harder to complain, but if we had a gallon of gasoline for every one of these random electric vehicle projects we've seen crop up and fade away into oblivion, we'd have, um, some gas. The story here is a guy named Bill Provence in Pasadena, tired of those regular cars with their multitude of wheels and gas burning, decided build his own three-wheeled electric car with some pals out in Michigan. Instead of keeping it all to himself, he's planning on offering it up for sale under the banner of Pure Electric Vehicles for a cool ten grand. The car runs on sealed AGM lead acid batteries (a good thing, apparently), and has a top speed of 65mph. A production version will apparently include a radio, iPod plug and a heater, though seeing as the concept version doesn't even have windows, Bill certainly has a long way to go.

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