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Rumor: Sony set to introduce 'break apart' PS3 motion controller


Note: please don't actually try this is reporting that Sony already has a third controller for PlayStation 3 in the works, one that will split into two parts for Wii-like remote / nunchuk style motion control gameplay. The site cites unnamed sources for their information on the device, which they claim is already in the hands of some PS3 developers, and may be unveiled at next month's E3 summit.

This "break apart" design, if real, certainly sounds a lot like one of the early prototype Wii controllers Nintendo was toying with before settling on the more simple remote concept. Kotaku has their own version of the rumor, in which it's not a controller, but a set of sensors one places on their body. We'll be the first to speculate that neither is correct! Instead, the new controller is like one of those beer can hats, only you place two Dual Shock 3 pads in it.

We've put in a call for comment from Sony, but have yet to hear back. If you're one of the "close development partners" who supposedly has one of these pads in-house, feel free to drop us a line. We'd love to chat.

[Update: SCEA's hardware PR rep, Patrick Seybold, got back to us with the following: "We haven't made any announcement of such a product, and anything circulating is purely rumor and speculation."]

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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