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Square Enix: "No Plans" for Star Ocean on PS3


Since announcing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 earlier this week Square Enix has been playing coy on the subject of exclusivity. When speaking with Yahoo Japan's financial site, Square Enix took side stepping to a new level by stating there are "no plans" to release the fourth installment of Star Ocean on the PS3.

Of course the careful wording of "no plans" could mean the title may see life on other platforms. As we've mentioned before, the initial announcement of the title was made via a Sony branded device ages ago (the first Star Ocean 4 trailer was on PSP) and based on the history between Sony and Square Enix a PS3 version is a possibility. Either way, Microsoft fans are in store for one of the most well known and respected Japanese role-playing franchises from developer tri-Ace. As it stands, Star Ocean: The Last Hope will launch on the Xbox 360 exclusively in 2009 ... for now.

[via Wired]

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