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Super Mario OFLC: Legend of the Green G


Australian and European gamers were forced to watch even more wistfully than us as we rejoiced of the news that Nintendo of Japan was planning Super Mario RPG for release this month. Because the game also came out in the U.S., it offered the possibility of a future Virtual Console release. Well, now, in an even more unlikely turn of events, the Australian OFLC has rated the game before the American ESRB!

You may have to wait for the next Hanabi Festival to roll around (because Super Mario RPG never came out in Australia or Europe!), but soon, you could (potentially) be enjoying Square and Nintendo's bizarre isometric RPG. As usual, we must remind you that an OFLC rating is no guarantee of a speedy, or even real, release. However, the news makes it seem even more likely that Super Mario RPG will actually come out worldwide.

[Via Cubed3; thanks, velocitySTRIKE!]

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