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WWDC '08: TheCodingMonkeys


Amongst my WWDC fumbles was the decision to conduct an interview in Yerba Buena park, adjacent to a main drag. At the time, it seemed like the best available option. Really. Martin and Dominik from TheCodingMonkeys (mentioned here on occasion) are the casualties of that blunder, but I managed to compress and EQ the sound enough to make the video work. It would have been a shame to miss out on these guys.

TheCodingMonkeys, seen here perched upon large rocks, have recently joined forces with Boinx to work on a joint project that is going to be very, very cool. More about that after the Boinx interview goes live. It seems that TheCodingMonkeys have a lot to keep mum about, but we get some hints about their upcoming iPhone projects and -- among other things -- assurance that SubEthaEdit will continue to develop. Video after the jump.

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