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Battlefield Heroes Beta applicants exposed in security breach

If you're one of the many applicants for the Battlefield Heroes beta, you've probably been informed of this via a somber mass email, but QA Boss, the organization in charge of registration for said beta test, has experienced a security breach which "exposes QA Boss forum user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords." The cause and extent of the breach, and who, if anyone, did the breaching, we've yet to learn -- nor do we know if it will affect the progress of the beta test.

QA Boss advises everyone who uses a single password for all their important logins, and used said password in the Battlefield Heroes beta signup, should probably change that password as a precautionary measure. Too bad, as our previous cipher was nigh uncrackable -- "drowssaP". It's "password" backwards! Brilliant, right?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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