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SSD-equipped AppleTV


It's June, you're bored, and you're looking at that 40GB AppleTV sitting on your media center. The next thing you know, you've bought a solid-state drive (SSD) and created the world's first (as far as we know) SSD-equipped Apple TV.

Josh Lee modded his original AppleTV not to increase the size of the drive -- he's using a 32GB Transcend SSD since he stores most of his media on NAS -- or speed it up. In fact, it sounds like he did the mod just for the hell of it. The benefits of the mod include less heat generation by the AppleTV and almost silent operation.

Josh reports in his email to AppleTVHacks that all he had to do was take an image of his AppleTV drive, mount it, resize the media partition, DD the image to the SSD , do a factory restore, use the patch2stick, and the SSD was quickly up and running. Whew!

Your challenge, TUAW reader, is to nab one of those fast 256GB Samsung SSD's when they ship this fall and use the Josh Lee method to create a fast, cool, and silent FrankenAppleTV. If you're the first, tell us about it.

A big thank you to Luck for the pointer to AppleTVHacks

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