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MLG debuts newest Halo 3 map 'Cold Storage'

Dustin Burg

In a very ninja-like and surprising move, team Bungie decided to use this weekend's MLG San Diego event to debut one of their work-in-progress Halo 3 multiplayer maps called Cold Storage.

Bungie's own Lukems and Shishka unveiled the new map yesterday and let MLG San Diego attendees watch a few MLG Pros duke it out in the chilly new map. Of course, details are super duper scarce seeing that Bungie hasn't formally announced Cold Storage outside of the MLG event, but we do know one major piece of info about the map. We know that Halo 3's Cold Storage is a pretty strict remake of one of Halo: CE's most popular close quarters maps Chill Out. Crazy huh? And to keep your new Halo 3 map salivaters salivating, you can jump over to to view a few off-screen pictures of Cold Storage in all its awesomeness. Now we wait for more Bungie approved details ...

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