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Age of Conan patch addresses class balance, Khopshef Province zone

Michael Zenke

It seems like it's a bit early in the week for an Age of Conan patch, but here we are! Today's update to the recently released title addresses a number of outstanding class issues, quest problems, GUI and tradeskill problems and (most interestingly) apparently significantly changed the Khopshef Province zone. Here are some highlights:
  • Of the classes, the Dark Templar seems to have gotten the most love. Many spells had their mana costs reduced; the conversely bright Priest of Mitra class also received some improvements.
  • A raft of quests have been corrected, and it looks as though itemization has been smoothed out in a few areas.
  • My favorite GUI improvement: "Fixed problem that would cause the resource manager to download the same resource again and again."
  • The Khopshef zone has "numerous" additional quests, new treasures spread throughout the area, and a great deal of improvements to NPC interactions with players.
The full patch notes are available on the official Age of Conan forums.

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