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An XBLA Twofer: Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari

Dustin Burg

It's going to be an "interesting" Xbox Live Arcade release this week as we're being treated to an XBLA twofer this Wednesday, June 18th with the release of both Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari.

Frozen Codebase's 800 Microsoft point Elements of Destruction is a destruction sim, where your goal is to destroy, blow up and "kablam!" as many things as possible. With two player online and local multiplayer, versus or cooperative and the feeling of having god-like powers, Elements of Destruction may be something to check out.

The other XBLA release this week is Wanako's Sea Life Safari (also 800 MS points) where the goal is to explore the ocean and take pictures of underwater creatures. No joke. Now, we aren't going to pre-judge Sea Life Safari (though we really, really want to), but we have a feeling that a sea creature photography game is a very niche gaming experience. Anyhoo, check out all the new XBLA screenshot goodness in the galleries below.



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