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BlackBerry Javelin in the wild

Chris Ziegler

As we understand it, RIM's so-called Javelin is a new BlackBerry completely devoid of 3G that's currently on track for a mid-2009 (yes, 2009) launch. That sucks, yes, but at least it'll look mighty purty if these shots of an engineering dummy in the wild are any indication. The whole phone is an interesting study in modern, high-end 2.5G design, actually, on account of the rumored WiFi, GPS, expansive display, and generous (by RIM standards, anyway) 3.2 megapixel camera. Don't get us wrong, the Bold would still find its way into our pockets long before this one would -- but hey, diversity in the product line is a good thing. As long as it doesn't involve a Burberry-clad 8800.

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