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Cinemassively: Turpster's Dingstravaganza

Moo Money

Every Saturday, our sister site, WoW Insider, holds a podcast on WoW Radio. Last Saturday was special, though, as their station co-host, Turpster, also of Turpstervision, was about to hit level 70. He invited everyone to join him on the Sporeggar EU server as he challenged newbie gnomes and dwarves to take him down in their starting area.

According to one attendee, Regis of Sunstrider, about 200 "newbs" showed up to take Turpster down. He kindly provided a video of the event, as well as a play-by-play of the action. Unfortunately, he was walking back from the graveyard when Turpster was defeated, so there are no screenshots or footage of that moment. Was anyone there that managed to capture the final battle?

[Thanks, Regis of Sunstrider!]

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