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Germans to get iPhone 3G for ???1

Mat Lu

T-Mobile has released the iPhone 3G rate plans (link auf Deutsch) for Germany and it looks like our lucky friends in Deutschland are getting a major subsidy. The 8Gb iPhone will be available for as little as €1 with monthly plan of €69 while the 16Gb iPhone will be €19.95 with a monthly plan of €89. All of these plans include 3G data and access to T-Mobile's wifi HotSpot network and require a 24-month contract.

Unfortunately, things are not so rosy for existing iPhone customers. According to the German iPhone Blog, existing customers will be on the hook for €10 per month remaining in their original contracts (or about €180 for the earliest adopters) before being eligible to sign up for the new 24 month plan. So it's good news for new iPhone customers, but existing 2G customers are in for a blow to the Geldbeutel if they want to upgrade.

Thanks, Carlos and Thorsten!

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