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Happy 4th birthday to Joystiq! (That's like a million in blog years)

Frequent readers may have noticed a few things in their last four years of reading Joystiq. First, and most unfortunate: you've all gotten older and grown hair in uncomfortable places. Second, you've seen our humble gaming blog grow from a scrappy publication (a "blawg") to one of the top gaming destinations on the web.

In that four year period, we've amassed over 27K posts and nearly a million of your comments. Doing the math, that breaks down to almost 20 posts a day on our side and over 600 comments a day on your side ... for four straight years. Clearly you're working a lot harder than we are and that's why the collective "we" wants to thank the collective "you" for reading along at home and making Joystiq not only a huge success, but something we're all very proud to be a part of. Here's to you, Joystiq!

–Chris, James, Ludwig, Ross, Alexander, Justin, Kyle, Jason, Scott, Griffin, Randy, and Kevin

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