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Kensington introduces the ShareCentral peripheral hub, SlimBlade Bluetooth mouse


Kensington has just unloaded a slew of new "back to school" items on the world -- luckily for you, only about three of them are interesting. The first item worth your precious time is the ShareCentral ($39.99 - $79.99), a series of USB / peripheral hubs that allow you to share printers, scanners, or other USB devices amongst several computers without the typical mountain of cables. The other items of interest are the new $59.99 SlimBlade Bluetooth mouse, which is -- you guessed it -- a Bluetooth mouse / presentation remote, and the $39.99 Ci95m Wireless Mouse, a 2.4GHz input device with a "nano receiver" and rubberized exterior. Both mice are available now, the ShareCentral will be available at the end of the month.

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