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PSP v4.00 update adds ... XMB Googling


Sony has announced that PSP will graduate to firmware 4.00 this week, marking the unexpected integration of the Google search engine ... directly into the XMB! Woah, Sony. Slow down. We're still recovering from update v3.95's option to quit Remote Play without turning off the PS3.

The latest feature you didn't know you needed and will seldom use promises authentic search results (which we presume will open in the clunky PSP browser if selected), with an input history of up to 20 items, so you can check up on your exes, your exes' exes, and their exes day to day with ease and efficiency under the guise of "portable gaming." But if the forthcoming Google search ain't sellin' you on "SCEA's commitment to further enhance the mobile entertainment experience on PSP," then perhaps you'll want to crack open v4.00's second easter egg later this week: the ability to change viewing speed -- to faster and slower settings -- during playback of videos stored on a Memory Stick. Huzzah!

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