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Reminder: X3F LIVE tonight!

Community, listen up. Tonight at 9:30 PM EST we're throwing down on some Bomberman Live and Team Fortress 2 in another edition of X3F Live. Browse through your ridiculously long list of XBLA titles, dust off those copies of The Orange Box and prepare yo'self for a few games of each when we play Bomberman Live from 9:30-10:30PM and then switch to Team Fortress 2 from 10:30-11:30PM!

As usual add X3FLIVE to your friends list and use the Friends of Friends feature to track down Richard (SenseiRam), Dustin (SuperDunners), Alexander (Sli Xander) and/or Xav (Snypz) and try to jump into an open session. We still need to set up a telethon to save Terrence's internets.

This week I (that's Xav, Gamertag: Snypz) will be hosting the games so, if you're online and haven't been invited to a game send me a message and we'll try to get you in throughout the night.

See ya online!

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