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Rumor: Marketing website reveals new licensed games


After Xbox 360 Fanboy found some unreleased information on marketing firm Intellisponse's website, NeoGAFfers quickly figured out how to access more of their info (because it was a very simple process). As a result, Xbox 360 fans had a sort of impromptu E3 of rumors, videos, and news.

The DS fallout from the release of Activision and Disney survey materials isn't quite as explosive, but it has enabled us to learn a bit about some planned or proposed new games from the companies. Unfortunately, the newly-"announced" DS games consist solely of licenses, from the expected (Transformers 2) to the sadly kind-of expected (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) to ... what? (Gossip Girl). We've posted the full text about each game from the now-defunct site after the break.

  • Transformers 2 (Wii/NDS/every other platform): Make every second count in Transformers 2: The Ultimate Battle, as you choose to seek revenge as the Decepticons or to defend the Earth as the Autobots. Go beyond the movie and drop into pressure-packed missions where seconds can make the difference between survival and destruction. Play as a variety of Transformers, such as the evil Starscream or heroic Optimus Prime, to either demolish or protect fully destructible environments around the globe. A new Transformation system gives you more detailed control as you instantly switch between Robot, Weapon, and Vehicle modes at any time to drive, fly, fight, and shoot your way through gripping levels. Then make your choice online as you go head to head against friends in multiplayer battle zones. Your alliance will decide whether Earth's great cities stand or fall in ruin as you experience the ultimate level of intensity in this race against time."
  • Animal Planet's Emergency Vet (Wii/DS/PC): "In "Animal Planet's Emergency Vet", play as a neighborhood veterinarian where you will be faced with the challenge of treating and curing a variety of sick house pets that need urgent care. You will need to quickly and correctly diagnose their ailments and provide proper medical attention including surgery, IV's, sedatives, injections, blood tests, medication and more. Nurture and pamper the animals back to full health and experience the joy of their grateful owners."
  • Gossip Girl (Wii/DS): "In the game "Gossip Girl", spend a semester fraternizing with the glamorous socialites of Manhattan's Upper East Side at an elite private school. Explore the hippest social hot spots of New York City and attend the most fashionable parties. Shop in the trendiest boutiques of the fashion district and customize your character's appearance. Gain entry into exclusive social cliques where you'll make or break relationships with popular girls and date the most desirable boys while you build up your social status. Read the Gossip Girl Blog and see how the choices you make become part of the complex world of shifting friendships, jealousies and scandals."
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Wii/DS): "In the game "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", you are in charge of turning a rundown house into a dream home. In a race against time using the motion-sensing Wii controller, knock down walls, hammer in nails, paint rooms and more in an effort to complete your design and construction project before an unsuspecting family arrives to see what you've just created. With help and tips from expert decorators make the right choices to change the lives of deserving families forever. Compete and have fun against family and friends to see who can build and create the ultimate dream home."

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