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Rumors: Xbox 360 at E3 - new 60GB model, pricecut, both?

What a way to kick of a Monday. After last night's torrent of marketing leaks, we woke up to these two fresh rumors concerning the Xbox 360 and Microsoft's E3 showing next month. At the current rate, we're statistically likely to discover every single surprise Microsoft had in store for E3 (and maybe a couple E3s down the road) but let's start here.

TrustedReviews is following up on their earlier rumor of a new 60GB Xbox 360 model claiming that, after some evident equivocation, Microsoft is finally ready to announce it at E3 and release it as early as this August (pre-10th says their source). No information on how the larger hard drive would affect other SKUs – would the Arcade get a hard drive or would the Elite get bumped up? – but that's the way these things are.

Second rumor regards a possible pricedrop to be delivered at E3 this year. Following last week's NPD data showing a slight dip in monthly 360 sales, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich said, "With E3 around the corner, we can expect Microsoft to make some type of announcement regarding a hardware price cut, the introductory of a new hardware SKU with new features, or both." Both sounds best here. How about a new, cheaper 60GB model?

[Via Engadget]

Source – 60GB Xbox 360 To Launch At E3
Source – Microsoft to cut US Xbox 360 price at E3, says analyst

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