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Sci-Fi releases the genre for their new MMO


Recently we've reported on a partnership between Trion World Network and SCI FI channel to create a new MMO that will be tied into a SCI FI show. But, for all we knew about the new project, we didn't know what genre it would fall under or what the setting would be.

That all changed in an interview from Ten Ton Hammer with Adam Stotsky, the executive vice-president of SCI FI channel, about the new SCI FI project. While most of the interview focuses on the partnership between Trion and SCI FI, Cody "Micajah" Bye was able to pull out the setting for the new project from Stotsky.

Stotsky confirms that the project will be science fiction in nature, centering around Earth in an alternate universe.

"It will be a very different Earth than the one we currently know today," Stotsky told Bye during the interview.

For the rest of the interview, drop by Ten Ton Hammer and check it out.

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