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Sony Ericsson's C905 set revealed in yet another "leaked" vid


Seems the concept of keeping things under your hat before your big dog and pony show has been completely lost on the brass at Sony Ericsson. Today's "leaked" bit of goodness shows us Sony Ericsson's Shiho C905 in all its multi-megapixel -- 8 of them to be exact -- glory in a fairly revealing video spot. Sure, we're not treated to all the dirty details, but there's enough shown to more than tease about this upcoming wonder of mobile as digital camera. The date is apparently set for the 17th June, so we've only a couple days left to wait. Although, at this point, this is starting to feel like we've already peeked at all the prezzies in the closet before Christmas morning. We're really going to need a nice term to describe these "accidental" leaks by Sony Ericsson, any thoughts?

[Via cellularaddict]

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