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Sony voted most innovative brand

Majed Athab

It's not surprising to see Sony top the list of a "most innovative brand" survey. With creations such as the Walkman, CDs, and Blu-ray, there hasn't been any other company that has left such a footprint in our media-driven pop culture. Consumers haven't forgotten these achievements, as a recent survey revealed that Sony was perceived the most innovative brand beating out the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

The survey was conducted by branding consultancy Incite. 500 people between the ages of 18 and 65 took part in the British led poll. There were a lot of other big names on the list. Do you want to know what other companies Sony beat out? Check out the top 20 list after the break.

[Via CVG]

The top 20 innovative brands:

1. Sony
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4. Virgin
5. Nokia
6. Dyson
7. Nintendo
8. Tesco
9. Sky
10. Panasonic
11. Honda
12. Samsung
13. Google
14. Phillips
15. Dell
16. Toyota
17. eBay
18. Amazon
19. BT
20. Toshiba

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