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The Joystiq Free Game Club: Dolphin Olympics 2

Justin McElroy

For the first time, we're actually hesitant about recommending a game to the club. It's not because we have any doubts about its quality, far from it. We just often wish we could turn back the clock to a day when every activity in our lives was not just a brief respite from Dolphin Olympics 2.

If you're among the lucky uninitiated, Dolphin Olympics 2 puts players in control of a dolphin and charges them with scoring as many points as possible (both by linking tricks and getting amazing heights) in two minutes. (In case you're curious, our highest is 19,000,000 and we've seen Pluto a couple of times.)

The main problem is that, at just two minutes per game, it's difficult to put down, especially when you're always positive you could have a better run. Testaments to its vicious addictiveness have even made their way to YouTube.

So please, give it a spin, either on Kongregate or on its Facebook version, heck, go ahead an post your high scores here. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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