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Ultimate Band is less Disney, more Disnasty


Any White Stripes fan -- nay, any music fan at all -- can only look at this trailer for Disney's Ultimate Band and weep, perhaps while pounding a sharp-edged rock into the side of their skull. It's not the idea of yet another music game that will probably do the same things as all the other music games (including using Rock Band's instruments). It's the absolutely abhorrent quality of the included covers that has us writhing on the floor in pain and shame. That's got us wondering if all the music will be covers, since we know of several other songs and artists on tap for the title (and more who are rumored).

Ultimate Band was initially announced as being the peripheral-free answer to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but now that rumored versions for the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been announced, word is that there will also be a version with instruments that will retail for $170.

Drag yourself past the break to see the list known artists and songs.

Note that none of these artists may actually be present in the game, since the songs in the trailer are actually covers.

Tracks included in the above trailer
"Fell in Love with a Girl" -- The White Stripes
"My Generation" -- The Who
"Our Time Now" -- The Plain White T's

Other confirmed tracks
"Whip it" -- Devo
"Steady as She Goes" -- The Raconteurs

Other rumored artists, all of whom make more sense than the above
Miley Cyrus
Jonas Brothers
Avril Lavigne
Bowling for Soup

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