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WF820 phone watch is the size of Rhode Island

Chris Ziegler

We suspect that some really common set of miniaturized phone guts has recently ramped up production to spawn an entire cottage industry of ugly-ass phone watches, because in the past few months we've seen a ton of these 220 x 176 portrait display GSM devices with strikingly similar feature sets pop out of nowhere. Not that we're complaining -- they're great. Especially if you're, say, 8 feet tall with wrists like tree trunks. We're especially digging the number keys strategically positioned around the bezel (which should be perfect for those times when you need to press three adjacent digits and the order isn't of particular importance) and the touted "Double Bluetooth," guaranteed to make your handsfree twice as awesome as it was before. Finding and buying this one could be a bit tricky in most parts of the world, but is anyone really too broken up about that?

[Via Mobile Mentalism]

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