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CASA network aims to identify tornadoes more quickly

Darren Murph

The recent tornado tragedy in Iowa underscores the necessity to replace our aging NEXRAD detection system, and thankfully, a team of scientists from various universities are already working to find a suitable replacement. The Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) satellite network would theoretically be installed on existing infrastructure, and it would purportedly scan areas more quickly and target the bottom of storms -- something the current system falters at. The so-called "gap filling radars" could be used to scrutinize the regions where NEXRAD radars can't see, and better still, it will likely be able to more accurately predict the storm path in order to more effectively alert those who may be in harm's way. On the downside, said network isn't expected to be implemented and ready for use until 2013, so we wouldn't go converting that basement into a home theater just yet.

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