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Changes to Monster Play in LotRO's Book 14

Shawn Schuster

Considering the fact that Lord of the Rings Online's Book 14 should be just around the corner, it's always great to get those little tidbits of information fed to us from the devs to keep us excited. This time though, we get fed a whole lot more than just a tidbit, we get some detailed information on some important changes that will be made to Monster Play with Book 14.

First there's the updates to crowd control and diminishing returns, namely the fact that root and daze effects will now share diminishing returns. Then there's the new revamp of the Weaver in PvMP, giving what promises to be a monster class that is more effective in battle. Finally, what we've all been waiting for: emotes for the monsters! This large list includes such favorites as cheer, dance1 and tantrum. It's certainly about time the monsters got a little RP love, too!

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