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Crytek shows interest in PSP development

Jason Dobson

Crytek is known for cramming high-end graphics into titles that are just as capable to give your PC a hernia as they are to entertain. However, with the Crysis developer now done with PC exclusives, the company has adopted a new strategy, one that apparently includes the PSP.

A new job posting on the developer's official website notes that the company is currently seeking a PSP programmer with multiplatform experience to work out of its Budapest office, suggesting that Crytek's next project following the recently announced Crysis Warhead will target Sony's handheld. Of course, nothing is known about the developer's PSP agenda or whether that includes plans to somehow squeeze its CryEngine technology into a more bite-sized format. That leaves us wondering if we'll someday be playing Crysis on the go, or if Crytek has something entirely different up its high-def sleeves.

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