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EverQuest 2 Game Update 46 goes live

Michael Zenke

The tempest is gathering. Runnyeye, a storied dungeon since the days of the original EverQuest, is now a more dangerous locale. EverQuest 2 Game Update 46 is now live on the game servers, and we have some new media to go along with it. We've been previewing this content for some time now. You might recall Brenda Holloway's fantastic walkthroughs of The Void Storms live event, or the new heroic version of the Runnyeye dungeon. Make sure to check out the Void Storms while you can, because that event is only running through the middle of July.

Also make sure to check out improvements to Chelsith, Shard of Fear, and the Estate of Unrest; these locales will now offer up status points for adventurers brave enough to face them and survive. For another look at this great content check out our gallery below, or click on through to the brand new EQ2 Game Update 46 trailer below the cut.

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