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Fallen Empire: Legions open beta begins in one week

Just like a cartoon character barreling its way through a brick wall, body contorted in a character-shaped chalk outline pose – there's a peculiarly Tribes-shaped hole in our collective heart left when the classic team-based shooter was passed over by a newer, fancier generation of team-based shooters. But while those games have filled all sorts of other random holes in our heart (the thing was a perforated mess!), we find ourselves still Tribes-less.

Our best hope for a full recovery comes a week from today, when Fallen Empire: Legions – a spiritual successor of sorts from the original Tribes developers, formerly of Dynamic and now at GarageGames – begins its open beta at If you want to get a quick taste of the browser-based FPS, check out our video from GDC embedded after the break or hit up the galleries below.

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